We have UPGRADED our BINGO system as of late spring 2023.

Come checkout the state of the art flashboards and console. NOW you can view the BINGO Balls on 55in Samsung Smart TV monitors and the entire board displays across three 65inch Samsung Smart TV’s.

Bingo is played: Every Thursday evening in the SCAC Cafeteria. Doors open at 5:30pm. Games start at 7pm. Bingo is offered on paper cards or electronic computer devices. Additional games are sold for $1 per sheet or packs of 6 sheets for $5.

Our Lightning Jackpot is a progressive raffle that grows by $100 each week it is not won. Players buy cards for just $1 a piece and earn a chance to win the big jackpot. But losers do not walk away empty handed, as long as your card is called you still have a chance to win $100. 

Color Raffle is another progressive jackpot we play weekly and grows by $50 each week it is not won. Players have 8 chances on a card for $5 to win the big money, and yet again, a loosing winner can still walk away with $200 just for playing. 



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